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I am, and always will be, a Theatre maker. The combination of music and drama, in a live performance environment is (to me) the most powerful form of art, filled with humanity, and lifted by the power of music. I have been fortunate enough to explore the creation of my own work and support others in the creation of theirs. Here'a a few of mine.

Songs by Nic Courto & Craig M. Wood

Produced by The Compartment

Two songwriters delving deep into what it is to be alive right now via tales of bacon, LP Players, pitfalls of dating grammar-police, and sprinkled with a touch of Shakespeare and a smear of Douglas Adams.

These are not your normal songs.

 Lost 'Round Here (2016) 

Produced by CMW Music

“A Dream Within A Dream” is a musical journey through the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s haunting simplicity and original score traverse life, death and longing through Poe’s timeless words and stirring imagery.

“Dream Within A Dream” gives life to the music in Poe’s words to ask, “Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?”

Produced by CMW Music

Wider and Wider is a theatrical Song Cycle for piano and six voices. It explores a series of moments, capturing the essence and culmination of a life and a journey.

"Every day, we grow older and wiser, but the universe we inhabit gets wider and wider..."

 Dream Within A Dream (2014) 
 Wider and Wider (2013) 
 The Perfect Circle: A New Musical (2010) 

Music by Craig M. Wood

Lyrics by Craig M. Wood & Nicholas King

Four stories, each unique in their simplicity, life affirming in their humanity, and challenging in their reality. Complemented with a heart-breakingly expressive score, these stories invite you into their world.