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I don't know if people think of it as one, but music engraving; the act of putting music onto a page, is an art-form.

The printed sheet is not a graph or a chart, it's a living, breathing document, designed to communicate meaning and intention, and yet be flexible and open to interpretation... I get excited, and I tend to go on about it a bit.

I have a particular passion for theatre music, because storytelling through music is the artistic pinnacle for me. Again, it comes down to the communication of intention and meaning, and the quest to achieve that as effectively as possible.

The end goal is a beautiful piece of music, presented in paper and ink, ready to be performed!

So what can I do for you?

I have a range of different services that will help you develop your dramatic work for the stage efficiently and effectively, prepare your score for performance, or perfect your sheet music for digital sale.


Don't hesitate to contact me for a quote.

(Note: For independent artists and new works of musical theatre I am open to working within profit share arrangements.

My primary passion is New Australian Music Theatre, so if you are putting together a new show, let's chat!)

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“Music is the shorthand of emotion.” — Leo Tolstoy




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