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"Craig M. Wood's vocal arrangements and orchestration... A rare gem of originality."

Antarctica: The Musical (Sun Dog Productions & Tasmanian Theatre Company)

-Elizabeth Ruthven, The Mercury 2016

"Their musical work, directed by Craig M. Wood, is outstanding"

Pinocchio (Big Monkey Theatre)

-Robert Jarman, The Mercury 2016

"Wood's talents as a first class composer are affirmed in the stunning finale. ...A remarkable work of tremendous power and humanity.

The Perfect Circle: A New Musical

-Briony Kidd, Australian Stage Online 2010

"A fierce advocate for excellence."

-Matthew Dewey, Musical Director, ABC Classic FM

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 Testimonials & Reviews 

Alright, a slightly more formal biography.

A necessary evil I suppose. Here goes.


No? Ok.

I'm a Tasmanian born Composer and Musical Director, specialising in Theatre, especially new works. I trained in the IHOS Opera Music Theatre Laboratory, and at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music (BMUS, Music Theatre Voice)

I have worked for most major Tasmanian theatre and arts organisations at some point or another, and my wife and ran our own music school and creator space, The Compartment Arts, for four years.

I've travelled the country with WotOpera, mentoring teenagers in writing their own operas, and will be continuing to do so in 2017 with Opera Express. I've typeset scores performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and I recently completed an album of mathematically inspired songs with fellow songwriter Nic Courto, entitled 'More Than Numbers'. The song about Pi was nominated for the Australian Eurovision entry in 2016. True story.

I've written original musicals, dance scores, web series, concert works and most things in between. I've also worked extensively in children's theatre, making regular appearances in Big Monkey's annual pantomime in The Royal Botanical Gardens.

Most recently I Musically Directed and Orchestrated Antarctica: The Musical, starring Genevieve Lemon & Bobby Fox.

Right now, it's 2018, I'm Sydney based, and am enjoying the new horizons, not so much the crowded shopping centres, and walking into theatres for the first time.

 Craig M. Wood Biography