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This is the part where I talk about all my achievements, list shows and projects I've contributed too, and name drop.... *thud. Zzzzzzzzzz

Sorry, dropped off there. About me?

Okay, I'm from Hobart, Tasmania, and I always will be. Currently, I'm based in Sydney. First and foremost, I'm a Dad to a 4 year old daughter. I'm also a multi-discipline creator, musician and whatever else I decide to be when I wake up in the morning, because if there is one thing that's important to me, it's showing my little girl that she can be whoever she decides to be, whenever she decides to be it.

What else... My wife and I used to run a music school called The Compartment Arts, it's an odd name, but it worked for us. I've a degree in Musical Theatre that's ten years old. My driving passion is the combination of music and words to create drama. I love the smell of freshly printed sheet music. Apparently I'm a Pisces.

In clearer terms, my professions are:



Musical Director

Music Copyist and Engraver



... Other things when the situation requires.

Have a look around. Click buttons. Enjoy.

My Instagram Feed. Sometimes I cook things.


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